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won't be writting on here much.
For those that want it, message me, I'll give you the address to my new blog.


Can i just have my life reset button now?
You know, like when you're playing a game, and you get to a point and you realize you screwed everything up and need to start the wole game over, and you press reset and get to start all over again?

Didn't take long..

For the world to start fuckin me over again.

For those that remember,  my mom suffered her 3rd heart attack back in January.
She hasn't been allowed to go back to work
SO its fallen entirely on Phil and I to pay for EVERYTHING

We don't make enough money.
the bills are piling up
I gotta make money rain from the sky in the next 2 weeks, or my electric is gonna get shut off.


Figures it all happens when i'm trying to go back to school.

Don't know what the fuck to do.


Writer's Block: No regrets

If you could eliminate one emotion (anxiety, sadness, jealousy, regret, etc.), would you do it? Why or why not? If so, which one would you choose?

I don't think I would actually. Emotions are part of what make us human. I mean I know, this says just one would be eliminated, but honestly, what would would be without even one of those emotions?
Each emotion allows us to react to situations, to feel things, to live.
Every emotion has a purpose. 

That in mind. If I had to choose one, just one emotion, it would be feelings of jealousy.
To me, its one of the most ridiculous things that we feel.

Happpy st. patty's.... oh screw it....

To be honest, I forgot what day it was when i woke up.
It didn't occur to me until my neighbor showed up to help me go get my stuff that i had already moved, and was wearing green.
Usually I'm excited about St. Patty's day. It usually my day to grab a 6 pack, and kick back in the evening with a little beer.
Instead, i went and "un-moved"
And then ran some errands, bought a few things i need for the reorganizing process that must now occur since we aren't moving.
Came home, passed out on the couch with the small one for a bit and then took my mom out to dinner to eat some corn beef and cabbage.
I think the nice weather is really what's helping keep my spirits up.
And the REAL friends I have that LOVE me and would NEVER betray me.


I'm feeling more optomistic today.
I think the weather helped a lot. Its hard to be in a bad mood when its warm, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming...
I'm seeing the good of us not moving. I'm going to be spending the week helping my mom reorganize the entire house more or less.
Where doing stuff to the first floor, i'm rearranging and reorganizing me and phil's room, then Lucian's room, then the spare room.
I think I'll feel better once things are moved around and I feel a "change" has occured.
Plus, now i don't have to worry about Phil not being able to get to work if I'm out in York. He'll still be in walking distance. Which means once my cousin's are done with school for the year, i can probably pick up an extra day of working. Good stuff.
I dunno. I really think I'm more hurt about the situation than anything. I kinda feel betrayed. I guessi  have every right to...

At least I have things to do around here to keep myself focused, and busy. It helps.

Tomorrow I'm going to get all the stuff I had over at the other house. Pack it all back up and bring it back home. Then it'll be re organize time.
And thankfully, with the warm weather, comes things to do, to keep me busy, and make me money. Thank god the events are all starting up again. And the parties, and get togethers and what nots.
Its nice to have things to look forward to, to shake the winter blahs, and getting screwed over depressions away.
I like staying busy, makes things easier for me. If I'm busy, I'm not dwelling on things, and thinking about them.


Like so many times before, life was starting to look up, there was a plan, for things to be better, a new oppurtunity, and of course, as is expected with my life, it went to shit.
We were suppose to move, next weekend.
Today, I get a message from my "roommate" more or less saying we couldn't move in.
He wants to do stuff to the house and doesn't want to "upset" us by changing plans.
Lets start with the big picture. Originally he was going to take the basement, set up his bedroom in the room down there, and then a living room rea in the other half. The first floor had the kitchen, dining room and all purpose living room. then the 2nd floor had a room for phil and i, a room for lucian and a big room that we were going to make another living room / play room etc.

Last week he decides he isn't taking the basment, and is taking the 2nd floor room that we had intended to use as a living room.
We got a little pissy, because well, it was a week away from moving and plans were changing.
So then today he decided  that we just shouldn't move in.

After we helped him move in

After I helped paint the downstairs

After I painted me and phil's bedroom.

And moved a bunch of stuff over there.

I'm sick of getting dicked over.
I want to know what I did in a past life to create such a bad dose of karma that I'm getting fucked over left and right in this life. Every time things start looking up, and its safe to say I'm happy or excited about something, I get slapped in the face and knocked the fuck back down.


Moving Info

Phil and I are moving next weekend. From pottstown to collegeville.
We need help.
We need people to not only help, but some people with big vehicles.
Need to move furniture
We'll be doing this Sat and Sun March 20 + 21st
Starting at 11am both days
Crash space available if needed.
Pizza and beer and other alcohol provided.

We love you in advance.
Bring friends, we like meeting new people.
If you can help let me know.
If you have a large vehcile, let me know

I don't want to rent a truck..... besides... you REALLY don't wanna see me try to drive one.... it would end it ... well, probably explosions... i have trouble backing up my car.... and its a dodge neon....



WAS SOOO MUCH FUN! And I'm sooo exhausted now...
Got there around noon on Friday, and jumped right into unloading the shop and getting it set up, which took quite a bit of time. Then checked into the hotel, and Phil unloaded our stuff to the hotel room while I kept helping with set up. Got dressed. Worked the shop till midnight. Watched the shadow cast of REPO!
Went to my room, got alcohol, went and danced cause DJ Kiltboy was spinning!
Went back to my room, partied a little more, passed out at 5am.

Woke up at 10am saturday, showered, got room service, and got dressed.
Worked noon to midnight again.
Watched Voltaire, yay!
Drank, danced, passed out at 5am

Woke up at 10am.
Packed our room
Got dressed
Checked out of the hotel.
Worked noon - 4pm
Broke down and packed up the shop
Ate dinner and hung out a bit with the crew
drove home.....

SOOOOO much fun seeing everyone! Sooo many awesome performances.
I can't wait till next year! WOOOOOO!

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