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gothkttnofdoom's Journal

Adventures of a hot, bi, asian, goth, gamer girl.

Goth Kitten of Doom
25 July 1984
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In general I'm a caring, loving person, unless you do something to me, or to someone I care about, then I'm your worst nightmare
I'm an amateur model
I'm a mom of a beautiful baby boy
I'm a dork, I play D&D and I LARP. I like Star Wars. I love video games.
I'm into anime.
I make chain mail jewelry, and duct tape roses.
I have tattoos and piercings with every intention of getting more. My life is not stopping completely just because II have a kid, my child will be my top priority, but that doesn't mean my life is over.
I work at Red Falcon Armouries, a leather shoppe at the PA REN FAIRE
I enjoy going to SCA events and watching my friends beat the crap out of each other with sticks.
I'm just me.